Biorr of the Twin Fangs
Elder Twin Fang
Location 1-2, 1-3, 1-4, The Nexus


[edit] General Information

[edit] Bio

[edit] Location

  • Nexus: He will be sitting Near the Valley of Defilement Archstone after you free him from the prison cell in 1-2.
  • Boletarian Palace
    • 1-2 He will be locked in a cell right before the area you fight the Tower Knight in, You will need to get the key from 1-3 to unlock the door to his cell
    • 1-3 He will come to your Aid when you enter the battle with the Penetrator
    • 1-4 If he survived the Penetrator Battle, then he will come and help you fight the Blue Dragon at the palace Entrace, He will mainly distract he Dragon.

[edit] Tendency Events

Biorr Has no tendency events.

[edit] Special

When killed He drops the following Items:

[edit] Trivia

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