Complete List of obtainable Trophies


Trophy of Distinction
-Obtained best weapon by Clearstone
Trophy of Hardness
-Obtained best weapon by Hardstone
Trophy of Sharpness
-Obtained best weapon by Sharpstone
Master Basher's Trophy
-Obtained best weapon by Greystone
Master Slasher's Trophy
-Obtained best weapon by Bladestone
Master Bowman's Trophy
-Obtained best weapon by Spiderstone
Poison Master's Trophy
-Obtained best weapon by Mercurystone
Flame Master's Trophy
-Obtained best weapon by Dragonstone
Blood Master's Trophy
-Obtained best weapon by Suckerstone
Life Master's Trophy
-Obtained best weapon by Marrowstone
Moonlight's Trophy
-Obtained best weapon by Moonlightstone
Darkmoon's Trophy
-Obtained best weapon by Darkmoonstone
Congratulant's Trophy
-Obtained best weapon by Faintstone
Shade Master's Trophy
-Obtained best weapon by Coudstone

Phalanx's Trophy
-Slayer of Demon "Phalanx"
Tower Knight's Trophy
-Slayer of Demon "Tower Knight"
Penetrator's Trophy
-Slayer of Demon "Penetrator"

Armor Spider's Trophy
-Slayer of Demon "Armor Spider"
Flamelurker's Trophy
-Slayer of Demon "Flamelurker"
Fool's Idol's Trophy
-Slayer of Demon "Fool's Idol"
Maneater's Trophy
-Slayer of Demon "Maneater"

Adjudicator's Trophy
-Slayer of Demon "Adjudicator"
Old Hero's Trophy
-Slayer of Demon "Old Hero"

Leechmonger's Trophy
-Slayer of Demon "Leechmonger"
Dirty Colossus's Trophy
-Slayer of Demon "Dirty Colossus"

Old King's Trophy
-Conqueror of "Old King Doran"
Flying Dragon's Trophy
-Slayer of Demon "Blue Flying Dragon"


False King's Trophy
-Slayer of Demon "False King"
Dragon God's Trophy
-Slayer of Demon "Dragon God"
Old Monk's Trophy
-Slayer of Demon "Old Monk"
Storm King's Trophy
-Slayer of Demon "Storm King"
Maiden Astraea's Trophy
-Slayer of Demon "Maiden Astraea"


Sage's Trophy
-All Spells learned
Saint's Trophy
-All Miracles learned
Rogue's Trophy
-All rings obtained
Soldier's Trophy
-All Unique Weapons obtained

World Uniter's Trophy
-Old One put to sleep & World United


*All Trophies Obtained

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