Clever Rat's Ring

Clever Rat's Ring
Clever Rat's Ring.jpg
A simple gold ring engraved with the seal of a small animal.
Effect 50% increase in Attack Power when <30% HP
Status Dying ATK Power UP
Location On a corpse in front of the Automated Ballista Machine in 3-1.

Increases attack power when HP is below 30%

Held by Lord Rydell, known as Little Allant. There is also the Dull Rat's Ring, which forms a matching set with this ring.

The Clever Rat's Ring is a potent and powerful albeit it dangerous Ring to utilize. Once your HP drops below 30% you are granted a boost of 50% in attack power, which works with all manner of Weapons, Magic, and Miracles. It does however not effect any items which are thrown. Many players who constantly employ the use of this ring, stack its effects with that of the Morion Blade for devastating attacks. This is particularly useful for players who wish to further challenge themselves and play-through Demon's Souls at a Soul Level of 1.

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