Cling Ring

Cling Ring
Cling Ring.png
A mysterious ring forged in the shape of an eye.
Effect Increases your Max HP in Soul Form
Status Soul Form HP UP
Location At the bottom of the tower stairwell in between the portcullis', past the first encountered Blue Eye Knight in 1-1.

Character loses less HP after becoming a soul.

Arguably one of the most essential rings for a player who is in Soul Form due to the significant HP boost it grants, equally it is useless for those in Human Form. While the percentage of HP gained is dependent on Character & World Tendency, the variation is rather minimal.

Max HP % Character & World Tendency
40.50% Pure Black World Tendency & Character Tendency
42.75% Pure Black World Tendency, Black Character Tendency
45.00% Pure Black World Tendency, Neutral Character Tendency
47.50% Black World Tendency, Neutral Character Tendency
50.00% Neutral World Tendency & Character Tendency
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