Eternal Warrior's Ring

Eternal Warrior's Ring
Eternal Warrior's Ring.jpg
An old bronze ring held by Old King Doran.
Effect Increase of Stamina regeneration
Status Stamina Recovery UP
Location Dropped by Old King Doran in 1-1.

Increases Stamina recovery rate.

The hero Doran, protector of the royal family of Boleteria, lives on forever as a demigod.

The Eternal Warrior's Ring is a powerful asset indeed, increasing the rate of stamina regeneration by about 8 stamina points per second. Useful for those who prefer quick and nimble successions of attacks to the unyielding heavyweight armor-wielding combat of players, it is truly a fantastic ring to utilize.
Be aware though that you must kill Old King Doran, not simply best him in a duel for the right to claim the Demonbrandt. Killing him will result in a drop of your World Tendency by 2 towards Black.

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