Spell from the Demon Dragon God's Soul.
MP Cost 100
Memory Slots Required 3
NPC Trainer Yuria
Training Cost Dragon Demon's Soul

Generates a storm of fire around the caster.

A spell mimicking the raw power of the Dragon God, Sultan of Chaos. Its devastating flame is impossible to control.

Firestorm is an incredibly powerful Area of Effect Spell, and is unparalleled in it's ability to swiftly dispose of enemies and bosses alike. The damage from Firestorm is progressive over a period of 4-5 seconds, so the longer the enemy is encased within the flame pillars the more damage they shall take.

This potent Spell is not without its risks though, the pillars of flame which erupt are quite random in location and can therefore completely miss the enemy. It will also be cancelled if you are interrupted during the animation, or the charge-up as it takes a few seconds for the Area of Effect to reach its maximum diameter.

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