Foe's Ring

Foe's Ring
Foe's Ring.jpg
Mysterious red-black ring from Mephistopheles. Increases attack power as a Black Phantom.
Effect 20% damage increase in Black Phantom Form
Status Black Phan. Pwr UP
Location Final reward from Mephistopheles quest-line in the Nexus.

This mysterious ring supports treachery against others, since its bearer raids warriors in other worlds and devours their Souls.

The Friend's Ring makes a matching set with this Ring.

The 20% increase of damage by the Foe's Ring relates to Physical damage, Magic damage, and also Miracle damage making it versatile and very potent in Player Vs Player situations. This Ring may be a good alternative to Magic users who wish to gain a boost for their Spells, however do not want the magical defence reduction that the Ring Of Magical Sharpness offers.

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