Fragrant Ring

Fragrant Ring
Fragrant Ring.jpg
A nobleman's ring, forged with spices.
Effect 1MP Regen. Per 4 Seconds
Status MP Recovery
Location Sold by Patches, the Hyena in The Nexus
Given to the Royalty starting Class
3-2, located in the swamp section
4-1, give Brass Telescope to Sparkly the Crow.

Recovers MP a little at a time.

An extremely rare, extremely delicate piece of handiwork.

The Fragrant Ring is an incredibly useful Ring which grants passive MP recovery, and can stack with the Crescent Weapons and Phosphorescent Pole to grant significant and speedy recovery. Early on in Demon's Souls, this Ring can often even out the MP Cost of the starting Spells such as Soul Arrow and to a lesser extent Flame Toss.

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