Full Boss Guide

Full Boss Guide

Boletarian Palace

1-1 Phalanx

Boss Creature Description: Phalanx is a hive of 50 smaller Phalanx (the small black shield-faced blobs you encountered earlier in the level)

Move Set: Spear Lunge

Weakness: Fire, Back of it's body

Strategy: Phalanx itself has no attacks, so the only thing you must worry about are the smaller Phalanx he uses as a protective shell. Slaying them is trivial but the danger is allowing them to hit you with their spears. Use the pillars to rest or await an opening to strike. Now because their weakness is fire you can use Fire Bombs you picked up earlier in the level or Turpentine (item enchantment cast on your weapon allowing it to inflict fire damage for a short time). Striking it in the back will kill it in 1-2 hits so try to stay behind them so you can use your stamina effectively. After killing all or most of the smaller Phalanx you can slay the Boss Phalanx with relative ease leaving you with the completed 1-1 and a Boss Soul.

1-2 Tower Knight

Description: A giant knight in silver armor with a large impenetrable shield and an enormous spear.

Move set: Long range magic spear throw
Wide and sweeping spear attack
Stabbing spear attack
Lunging shield slam with a huge area of effect
Crouching shield slam with an area of effect
The backwards jump

Weakness: Its head

Strategy: At the very beginning of the fight, sprint past Tower Knight and work your way to the upper platform where the archers are. They need to be disposed of so that they will not rain their arrows onto you while you fight. Make your way to each archer, and make sure to not knock the archers off of their positions. They will not be killed by the fall, and will only serve as a greater annoyance. During this time, Tower Knight will be launching his magic spears at you, but they are horribly inaccurate.

After every archer is dead, it is time to focus on the knight itself. Begin running towards it, but watch its body carefully. If it raises its arm above its head, it will stab down with the spear. If it brings its arm to the side, it will do a horizontal sweep. The stab is inaccurate but does a great deal of damage that can kill weaker players in one hit. The sweep covers more horizontal area, but if you are past where his spear hits the ground you will be fine. The other attack you should be worried about is his area of effect shield slam. This attack has a very wide range, and can deal incredible damage. On the plus side, it is also incredibly slow and predictable. As soon as the knight raises his left arm with shield, dash through its legs. The area of effect only goes to the front side and not the back, so you'll be safe. One way or another, you will eventually end up behind the knight. At this point, you can bring about the damage. Begin whacking the knight in the legs. You will not be doing much damage, but you will begin to notice green gas protruding from its legs. Do be careful, though, because the Tower Knight tends to execute its fastest and cheapest attack. After getting hit in the leg enough, Tower Knight will actually jump backwards in an effort to dislodge you. You do not have too much time to react to this attack because he bends his legs and jumps in one motion. Therefore, attack a total of three times, and then roll/run away from his legs. Repeat this process of dodging his spear and shield, and attacking his legs sparingly until the legs give a sound like a pipe full of gas that has ruptured. Back away from Tower Knight as quickly as possible, because this is when Tower Knight will fall backwards. His body can crush you. If you manage to escape this fate, you can now wail away at Tower Knight's head, and see the real damage begin to kick in. If you don't manage to kill Tower Knight while he is down, he will get back up and you will just have to repeat the process until he finally dies.

Stonefang Tunnel

2-3 Dragon God

Description: A giant fire breathing dragon with crushing fist attacks.

Move set: Fire Breath
Claw Slam

Weakness: Must be subdued via 2 Ballista's armed with spears.

This encounter does not particularly involve engaging the dragon directly. The Dragon God must be attacked via 2 Ballista's on opposite sides of the chamber, however there is rubble and debris blocking the paths to Ballista's. Once both have been fired the dragon will fall and it's just a matter of a few attacks on his head/nose to finish him off.

Enter the Dragon God's chamber. He will most likely see you approaching and will let you know with his loud roar. If you stay within his sight long enough, he will smash his fist to the floor. You will know when you've been spotted when you see his eyes turn red.

Approach the end of the hallway and advance slowly until Dragon God roars and smashes his fist then run forward and hide behind the first pillar to the right. From here you can watch the dragons movement patterns and keep an eye on his eye's.

Red Eyes: He's spotted you and about to attack.
Yellow Eyes: You are safe.

In front of you you will notice some debris. There are a couple methods you can use to destroy these obstacles.

Melee: Wait until the dragons head is looking to the far left, run and attack the debris. Once it breaks, run back to the starting hallway. Wait once again for the dragon to see you and do his smash then run back to the first safe spot behind the pillar. From here you will see another obstacle further down the path. Wait until the dragon starts looking to the far left and make a run for the next safe pillar to stand behind. Again watch for his eyes and movement patters, run and break down this obstacle, then run yourself all the way back to the main hallway. Once again, wait for the smash and run to the safe spot. Watch the head and run for your life. You will approach a staircase that leads to the first Ballista. Activate it and watch the animation. After the first Ballista has been fired, the Dragon God will make a roar and smash clearing another stair case to the lower level with several more obstacle's. The tactic is the same as before however after each obstacle you destroy, run back to the staircase just to be safe and avoid a chance of being struck or lit on fire. After the 3rd Pillar on the bottom level, you will notice one more obstacle far out of reach. You must time this one correctly. Run and destroy the obstacle and keep running until you reach the 2nd Ballista. Activate it and watch the animation.

Soul Arrow Strategy: Much the same as the melee strategy however you don't need to run up to the debris so there is less of a chance of angering the Dragon God. You will still have to employ some of the same destroy and run tactics however it will make the encounter much easier using this approach.

After both Ballistas have been fired it is safe to walk the path to the Dragon God's head that will be laying down on the ground. Approach it carefully as his breath can still cause damage. Get in a attacks with your weapon of choice and collect the Dragon Demon's Soul.

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