Hidden Soul

Hidden Soul
Hidden Soul.jpg
A new miracle, found in Boletaria
MP Cost 30
Memory Slots Required 1
NPC Trainer Saint Urbain
Urbain's Followers
Training Cost 3,000 Souls

Hides the caster's Soul, making them harder to detect by Black Phantoms.

The Black Phantoms that prowl the land of Boletaria are extremely dangerous, and are the enemies of God and man alike.

Hidden Soul makes it much more difficult for Black Phantoms to detect the Caster and can be stacked with the Thief's Ring. The Graverobber's Ring is more potent in its ability to hide the Caster, and if it is equipped while this Miracle is in effect it will over-ride the Graverobber's Ring.

This Miracle cannot be cast while any of the following Spells or Miracles are currently active:

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