Homing Soul Arrow

Homing Soul Arrow
Homing soul arrow.jpg
Spell from the Demon Old Monk's Soul
MP Cost 40
Memory Slots Required 2
NPC Trainer Sage Freke
Training Cost Yellow Demon's Soul

Produces a Soul Arrow that tracks its target.

The old man was nothing more than a medium for the robe that drives men mad. This spell reflects the old man's nature to yearn for power that was not his.

Homing Soul Arrow is a rather unique Spell which not only homes in on the specified target but also scales more noticeably with the Magic Stat, as it will reflect how many Orbs are created up to a maximum of 5.

  • Below 18 Magic - 2 Orbs
  • 19-24 Magic - 3 Orbs
  • 25-30 Magic - 4 Orbs
  • Above 31 Magic - 5 Orbs

Due to the nature of this Spell, it has some notable flaws. Its damage is divided among the Orbs which will disappear if they come into contact with an object, thus making it ineffective in enclosed spaces or corridors. The Orbs will also fall short of the target if they are at the cusp of the lock-on range and are noticeably slower at firing than other Spells, such as Soul Arrow.

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