Magic is an integral part of Demon's Souls, and should be explored as it can provide assistance from combat and stealth, to assisting your fellow phantoms in co-operative play. There are a total of 22 Magic Spells available within Demon's Souls, and require a Catalyst to be used.


[edit] Learning Spells

Spells must initially be purchased from Sage Freke or Freke's Apprentice for Souls, or in exchange for a Demon's Soul. After defeating Phalanx in 1-1, the NPC Freke's Apprentice will appear in the Nexus behind the ArchStone for World 5. He will only offer you a starting selection of Spells if your Magic and Intelligence Stats are 10 or above.

[edit] Catalysts

A Catalyst is the medium for casting Spells within Demon's Souls, much like the Talisman's for Miracles. It can be held in either hand to cast offensive and defensive spells, however it must be held in the left hand when using a Weapon-Buffing Spell such as Cursed Weapon.

The Magician starting Class begins with a Wooden Catalyst, where as the Royalty Class begins with a Silver Catalyst. Aside from the aforementioned Catalysts, there is only one other available to use - the Talisman of Beasts which can cast both Spells and Miracles.

[edit] Memory Slots

Much like Miracles, Magic Memory Slots are based upon a Character Stat which determines how many Spells you can have with you to use. Intelligence is the depending factor for amount of Slots accessible with more potent Spells using up to 2 or 3 slots, careful deliberation is required to make the most out of them.

Intelligence Memory Slots
1-9 0
10-13 1
14-17 2
18-23 3
24-29 4
30-39 5
40+ 6

Once past 40 Intelligence, the Memory Slots reach their limit of 6, this however can be increased to 7 slots by equipping the Ring Of Magical Nature.

[edit] Spells

Spell MP Cost Memory Slots NPC Trainer Training Cost Effect
Acid Cloud 30 1 Sage Freke Eroded Demon's Soul Creates erosive cloud which reduces equipment durability
Cloak 10 1 Sage Freke

Freke's Apprentice

500 Souls Reduces visibility of the Caster to enemies
Cursed Weapon 100 3 Yuria Silver Demon's Soul Weapon damage increased by 50% and drains casters HP
Death Cloud 30 2 Sage Freke Pureblood Demon's Soul Creates a Plague cloud which inflicts enemies with Plague status
Demon's Prank 4 1 Sage Freke

Freke's Apprentice

500 Souls Creates a noise where aimed which can distract enemies
Enchant Weapon 20 1 Sage Freke

Freke's Apprentice

5,000 Souls Adds low Magic damage to right-hand Weapon
Fireball 20 2 Sage Freke Dragon Demon's Soul Sends out a large ball of Fire
Fire Spray 4 1 Sage Freke Hard Demon's Soul Rapid-fires smaller & much less powerful Fireballs
Firestorm 100 3 Yuria Dragon Demon's Soul Fire-Based Area of Effect Spell
Flame Toss 9 1 Sage Freke

Freke's Apprentice

1,000 Souls Throws a small flame projectile
Homing Soul Arrow 40 2 Sage Freke Yellow Demon's Soul Forms orbs which target closest enemy
Ignite 18 2 Yuria Hard Demon's Soul Sudden point-blank fire based attack
Light Weapon 50 2 Sage Freke Silver Demon's Soul Adds high Magic damage to a right-hand Weapon
Poison Cloud 15 1 Sage Freke Wriggling Demon's Soul Creates a Poison cloud which inflicts enemies with Poison status
Protection 20 1 Sage Freke

Freke's Apprentice

5,000 Souls Reduces Physical damage taken slightly
Relief 10 1 Yuria Pureblood Demon's Soul Fully recovers an ally
Soul Arrow 5 1 Sage Freke

Freke's Apprentice

1,000 Souls Fires a piercing Soul Arrow
Soul Ray 15 1 Sage Freke Doll Demon's Soul Fires a more powerful Soul Arrow which can pierce multiple enemies
Soulsucker 100 3 Yuria Maiden in Black Demon's Soul Instantly kills any non-boss Demon
Soul Thirst 200 3 Yuria Yellow Demon's Soul Souls yielded are increased by 50%
Warding 50 2 Sage Freke Iron Demon's Soul Reduces Physical damage taken significantly
Water Veil 20 1 Sage Freke

Freke's Apprentice

500 Souls Reduces damage taken by Fire slightly

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