Miracles are intrinsic to Demon's Souls, and should be delved into as they can provide assistance in combat and assisting your fellow phantoms in co-operative play. In opposition to Magic Spells which are mostly offensively inclined, Miracles offer more defensive abilities. There are a total of 12 Miracles available within Demon's Souls, and require a Talisman to be used.

[edit] Learning Miracles

Miracles must initially be purchased from Urbain's Followers or Saint Urbain for Souls, or in exchange for a Demon's Soul. After defeating Phalanx in 1-1, Saint Urbain's Followers will appear in the Nexus. One follower will only offer you a starting selection of Miracles if your Faith stat is 10 or above, and will disappear once you rescue Saint Urbain from 4-2.

[edit] Talisman's

A Talisman is the medium for casting Miracles within Demon's Souls, much like the Catalyst's for Magic. It can be held in either hand to cast defensive and offensive Miracles.

The Temple Knight and Priest starting Class begin with a Talisman of God. Aside from the aforementioned Talisman, there is only one other available to use - the Talisman of Beasts which can cast both Spells and Miracles.

[edit] Memory Slots

Much like Magic, Miracle Memory Slots are based upon a Character Stat which determines how many Miracles you can have with you to use. Faith is the depending factor for amount of Slots accessible with more potent Miracles using 2 slots instead of 1, therefore careful deliberation is required to make the most out of them.

Faith Memory Slots
1-9 0
10-15 1
16-23 2
24-35 3
36+ 4

Once past 36 Faith, the Memory Slots reach their limit of 4, this however can be increased to 5 slots by equipping the Ring Of Devout Prayer.

Miracle MP Cost Memory Slots NPC Trainer Training Cost Effect
Antidote 20 1 Saint Urbain

Disciple of God

3,000 Souls Cures Poison
Anti-Magic Field 10 2 Saint Urbain Storm Demon's Soul Cannot use Magic near Caster
Banish 50 2 Saint Urbain Yellow Demon's Soul Returns invading Black Phantoms to their own world
Cure 30 1 Saint Urbain Wriggling Demon's Soul Cures Poison, Bleeding & Plague
Evacuate 40 1 Saint Urbain

Disciple of God

20,000 Souls Return to Nexus with Souls
God's Wrath 100 2 Saint Urbain Dragon Demon's Soul Area of Effect damage around the Caster
Heal 30 1 Saint Urbain

Disciple of God

5,000 Souls Caster recovers small quantity of HP
Hidden Soul 30 1 Saint Urbain 3,000 Souls Harder for Black Phantoms to see the Caster
Recovery 60 2 Saint Urbain 3 Colorless Demon's Soul Caster recovers large quantity of HP
Regeneration 40 1 Saint Urbain Swollen Demon's Soul Gradual regeneration of HP
Resurrection 40 1 Saint Urbain Pureblood Demon's Soul Blue Phantoms regain their body and return to their own world
Second Chance 100 2 Saint Urbain Hero Demon's Soul Revival of Caster upon Death to 50% HP.

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