Ostrava of Boletaria
The Prince of Boletaria
Location 1-1, 1-2, 1-3, 1-4, Nexus.
Voice Actor Josh Cohen
Drops Body Form: Mausoleum Key
BP Form: Rune Shield, Rune Sword.

Ostrava, of Boletaria, also known as Ariona Allant is in fact the Prince of Boletaria. Ostrava is first encountered NPC for many players and is discovered in Boletarian Palace. Whilst at first his motives remain hidden, it soon becomes clear that Ostrava wishes for an audience with his father, King Allant. His journey is stalled somewhat by his persistent ability to become ensnared in various scenarios where-by the player must intervene.

Throughout Ostrava's incidents, we slowly learn of his mission for the truth about his homeland of Boletaria. Although his search does not begin well, and he soon finds that he's doubting himself when it arises that Boletaria has dramatically altered since his return. Unbeknownst to Ostrava, knowledge has a price and upon learning the truth that his beloved father is entangled within a demonic stage-play he begins to unravel. Ostrava is overcome with the betrayal at his father's hands subsequently killing himself at the foot of the palace and requests that you slay his father, King Allant - so that no more harm can be done to his precious land of Boletaria.


[edit] Plot Progression

[edit] Boletarian Palace

Ostrava is first located in 1-1 on a slim platform with a hoard of Dreglings below him. If you engage Ostrava in conversation he will ask for your assistance in dispatching of them. Once the Dregling hoard has been dispatched Ostrava will leap down and thank you for your assistance, talking to him once more will grant you a gift of the Brass Telescope. He will then continue to patrol the surrounding locations, taking on the near-by enemies. If you intend to follow through on the Ostrava quest-line, be sure to assist him further as it is possible he will be cornered and killed.

[edit] Phalanx Archstone

After the defeat of the Phalanx, Ostrava will move to 1-2, where he is once again cornered by Dreglings and a couple of Boletarian Soldiers. You can initially talk to him through the portcullis' at the far-left end of the first room occupied by Hoplites.

You will need to reach the first watch-tower on the bridge and head below to reach Ostrava, carefully navigating the dank tunnel swarmed with Dogs & Dreglings. As you come across Ostrava he will once again thank you kindly for bailing him out of a unfortunate situation and gives you 3 Dark Moon Grass for your troubles. Much like in 1-1 after rescuing Ostrava, he will begin to patrol the tunnels. It is suggested that if you wish to further continue his quest-line then provide back-up once more.

[edit] Tower Knight Archstone

Once you have defeated an Archdemon the clinging mysterious fog will be lifted, allowing you to access 1-3. Near the beginning of this stage you will encounter another cut-scene in which a Fat Official locks the passageway to the Palace. With no other alternatives you must traverse the long route to the Palace and double back. Quickly dispatch of the Fat Official once you return as this will trigger Ostrava's continuation of the quest.

Yet again Ostrava manages to attract trouble, this time surrounded by Red Eye Knights and a Boletarian Soldier. Help him by dispatching his adversaries and once they're dead, Ostrava will kindly reward you with a Pure Clearstone.

[edit] Penetrator Archstone

With the finale of Ostrava's immense journey coming to a close, we find him in need one last time. He is found perched on the steps to the Palace lamenting on what he has learned about his father, and will give you the Mausoleum Key before taking his life.

Please note that when you talk to Ostrava at the end of 1-4, he will kill himself afterwards. Therefore if you wish to kill him for Mephistopheles, then you must kill him before you speak to him. If you do not, you will not gain credit for the execution of Ostava and you will not be granted the Talisman of Beasts.

[edit] Black Phantom Ostrava

Black Phantom Ostrava.jpg
After Ostrava's demise he will appear on the bridge ahead, between yourself and the False King. Fighting Ostrava is a fairly simple affair, as he's wielding the Rune Shield and Rune Sword it is advised to keep your distance or make use of the Dark Silver Shield due to it's magical nature.

Overall Black Phantom Ostrava should go down in a rather anti-climatic fashion and drop his signature items, the Rune Sword and Rune Shield respectfully.

[edit] Dialogue

[edit] First Encounter

That was a bold jump! A surprise indeed! Well, now that you are here, pray thee, fend off these dreglings.

After being Rescued:

My thanks for your brave rescue. I am Ostrava of Boletaria. Accept this as a token of my gratitude. Now, I must go. There is something for me to take care of.

No matter how far I venture, only the soul starved remain. Is there a single sane person left in Boletaria?

[edit] Second Encounter

Hello! You yonder! Over here! It's me, Ostrava! Look at me, again surrounded by evil warriors. Could you, perhaps, help me one last time? Clear out the soldiers at the far end of this passage, if it pleases you. The Lord's Path, just down yonder, has degenerated into a feeding ground for flying dragons. Have your wits about you.

After being Rescued:

Thank you. That makes twice. Thanks to you, I can now forge ahead. This is a token of my gratitude. Please accept it.

This is bad… Not a single person left… Why on Earth? How did all of this happen… Father!

[edit] Third Encounter

Help! Helppp! Soul-starved soldiers are after me! In the name of all that is sacred, please open this gate! Oh lord, hurry, please! They are almost upon me!

After being Rescued:

Thank you for rescuing me. You saved my life. This is the third time. I am truly indebted to you. This is… all I have, but please accept it. Now, I must go. My father the King awaits me just over there.

[edit] Final Encounter

Oh, it's you, is it? My father is up above. Well, what's left of him, anyway. He's transformed into a fiendish Demon. I began this quest in a search for truth, but it seems I was a fool to even try. Please kill my father. In his degenerated state, he can only bring peril to the lands. This key… fits the Boletaria mausoleum. Inside the mausoleum are my father's two swords, Soulbrandt and Demonbrandt. Use them to bring an end to this madness.

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