Regenerator's Ring

Regenerator's Ring
Regenerator's Ring.jpg
A strange ring of unknown origin
Effect 1HP Regen. Per 4 Seconds
Status HP Recovery
Location 4-1, At the end of the path past the Crystal Lizard
4-1, give the Jade Hair Ornament to Sparkly the Crow
5-2, alongside the right wall as you enter the swamp.

Recovers HP a little at a time…

There is a green jewel in the center of it's design, inside of which is encased a thick liquid.

The Regenerators Ring is an exceptionally useful Ring which grants passive HP recovery, and can stack with the Blessed Weapons and Adjudicator's Shield. It is especially useful within the Valley of Defilement due to the HP draining effects of Poison which are so prevalent throughout.

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