Ring Of Avarice

Ring Of Avarice
Ring Of Avarice.jpg
A luxurious gold ring fitted with a large jewel.
Effect Gain 20% more Souls from enemies
Status Obtained Souls UP
Location Sold by the Once Royal Mistress in 3-1 for 50,000 souls
In 3-2, after the Heart has fallen, access is gained to the tower in which it resides

It allows its wearer to obtain more Souls when slaying enemies.

It was a symbol of wealth and debauchery.

The Ring of Avarice is a useful Ring to keep ahold on should you wish to farm for Souls to purchase any Consumables or increase your Soul Level. It stacks with the Soul Thirst spell and the Silver Bracelet, thus making the Female Character option a desired choice should you be planning to farm a significant amount of Souls further along in Demon's Souls.

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