Ring Of Disease Resistance

Ring Of Disease Resistance
Ring Of Disease Resistance.jpg
A soft ring bearing a dark purple seal.
Effect Multiplies base Disease Resistance by 4.
Status Plague Resist. UP
Location 2-2, on the scaffolding opposite Scirvir, the Wanderer's cave.
3-2, in the swamp, near the location of the Primeval Demon

Increases defense against plague.

Made by Geri, a friend of Sage Freke, the Visionary, who is known for his magical handicrafts. The seal's design is a rat's claw.

The Ring of Disease Resistance is for most players a Ring that never see's the light of the drab sky in Demon's Souls, due to the Plague status playing such a minor role within the gameplay. The *4 multiplier of Disease Resistance doesn't affect the fixed bonus offered by equipped armor, but it does however stack with the Istarelle and Bramd.

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