Ring Of Great Strength

Ring Of Great Strength
Ring Of Great Strength.jpg
A ring given to King Allant's Twin Fangs
Effect Equipment Weight is increased by 50%
Status Equip Weight UP
Location Located by the dragon's sweeping tail in the nest in 1-1
Dropped by Biorr, of the Twin Fangs.

Raises maximum equip burden.

With this great power, the Twin Fang Biorr wielded a massive steel shield, a large crossbow and a huge sword with ease.

A useful ring, and one that can be obtained very early into Demon's Souls. Most notably it is used by Players who prefer to use heavy armour & shields, yet do not wish to suffer agility issues.
It is not recommended to kill Biorr as he later helps in the final two Boss fights in the Boletarian Palace Archstone. You will not be able to remove the ring if this causes your load to go over your natural total.

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