Ring Of Magical Dullness

Ring Of Magical Dullness
Ring Of Magical Dullness.jpg
A soft ring bearing a light green seal.
Effect 20% increase in Magic Defence
40% decrease in Magic Power
Status Magic Defense UP
Location Give the Phosphorescent Pole to Sparkly the Crow in 4-1
5-1 by the last wooden platform at the end of first shortcut.

Decreases magic attack power, increases defense against magic.

Made by Geri, a friend of Sage Freke, the Visionary, who is known for his magical handicrafts.

The seal's design is a right-facing man.

The twin of the Ring Of Magical Sharpness, this ring focus's on defence rather than offence in relation to Magic. While it is useful in its own right, it is not often used due to players often opting for a more offensively based play-style.

The boosted magical defensive effects stacks with the; Dark Silver Shield, Rune Shield and the Rune Sword.

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