Ring of Herculean Strength

Ring Of Herculean Strength
Ring Of Herculean Strength.jpg
A ring that Stockpile Thomas once picked up off the street.
Effect Load Weight is increased by 50%
Status Item Weight UP
Location Give the Jade Hair Ornament to Stockpile Thomas in the Nexus
Dropped by Stockpile Thomas.

Raises maximum item burden.

A useful ring, and one that can be obtained after the first stage in Demon's Souls. It allows you to carry 50% more than you normally would, however once you exceed your normal capacity you will be unable to take off this ring. While it is not directly helpful for combat, it can be an invaluable asset when collecting numerous objects from within a single location.

It is highly recommended that you do not kill Stockpile Thomas, as you will not be able to deposit and access your stored items until the next new game cycle.

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