Ronin's Ring

Ronin's Ring
Ronin's Ring.jpg
A ring made of straw rope
Effect Reduces the rate of weapon attrition by 50%
Status Weapon Wear DOWN
Location Located in the slug cave area in 4-2 before the Old Hero
Dropped by the Body Form of Scirvir, the Wanderer in 2-2.

Reduces wear on weapons.

A ring from a faraway land known for its swordsmithing. Said to be imbued with a distinct spell.

Whilst in theory this sounds a superb Ring to use, in practice is it much better left alone as frail weapons such as the Storm Ruler and eastern blades like the Hiltless have enough stability to last a suitably long time without need of repair - of which the cost is minimal. Furthermore the easily purchased Ed's Grindstone negates any situational usefulness that this Ring would provide.

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