Second Chance

Second Chance
Second Chance.jpg
Miracle from the Demon Old Hero's Soul
MP Cost 100
Memory Slots Required 2
NPC Trainer Saint Urbain
Training Cost Hero Demon's Soul

Revives the user from death once only.

This miracle is a countersign against the pagans who worship death and the dead.

Arguably Second Chance is the most universally useful Miracle in Demon's Souls, as it revives the Caster back to 50% HP if they die while it is in effect. Once you have been revived by Second Chance, you can recast it immediately should you wish as you're not limited in terms of casts.

You will not be revived should you fall to your death unless it was within the non-fatal distance which would only remove HP and not instantly kill you. Also this Miracle cannot be cast while any of the following Spells or Miracles are currently active:

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