Soul Thirst

Soul Thirst
Soul thirst.jpg
Spell from the Demon Old Monk's Soul
MP Cost 200
Memory Slots Required 3
NPC Trainer Yuria
Training Cost Yellow Demon's Soul

Slaying enemies yields more Souls when in effect.

This spell gives the user a thirst for Souls, taking as many Souls as possible from the target.

The caster's behavior mirrors that of the demons.

Soul Thirst is a unique and short-lived Spell than increases the yield of Souls from Demons for 30 Seconds.

You gain 50% extra Souls while this Spell is in effect which can stack with the Ring Of Avarice and Silver Bracelet, making it ideal should you wish to farm for Souls. Soul Thirst cannot be cast if the following Spells are currently in use:

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